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The Quiet Queen

In country very far from here, there was a white castle on top of a mountain.  The king and his beautiful wife lived in the castle.

One day, a naughty little boy jumped into the garden of the castle and he met the queen. She looked very sad. “What’s wrong?” the boy asked.

“I’m not ready to be a queen. No one likes me,” the queen said. “I’m too quiet.”

“It’s ok to be quiet,” the boy said, “I’m sure you have other good qualities.”

The queen thought and said, Yes, Im smart, honest, and helpful. Youre right, it is ok to be a quiet queen. Thank you!

Youre welcome. Im sure people will like you if you do helpful things for them, the boy said.

After that, the queen was more confident. She helped many people in her country, and everyone loved the Quiet Queen.

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