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Types of Car Insurance, Conditions and How to Claim All Risk Insurance!

RADENPEDIA.COMCar insurance in Indonesia is quite widely offered to the public. This is considered reasonable, because the risk of driving in Indonesia is indeed quite high when seen from the number of accidents that occur on the highway. That is why public awareness in Indonesia is quite high towards all possible risks on the highway.  By having car insurance, you as a car owner will be more protected from various risks when an accident, loss, or damage to the car occurs. 

The all risk insurance claim method is often unsuccessful in the application process due to product problems in the insurance that are not properly understood by the car owner. For this reason, such negligence must be avoided, especially when buying a used car on credit .

Buy a used car usually you will get continued insurance, if you want new insurance usually will be charged a premium that is likely quite high. Given the risk of your car to be damaged is quite high. So, regarding this you should confirm it well, yes!

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In addition, usually the problem is information on how to claim car insurance in the community that is not very well educated so that you do not really understand the insurance product that you are running. For that, Carsome will provide you with all the important information about car insurance and how to claim all risk insurance on your car. Come on, see here!

All Risk Car Insurance vs TLO Insurance

Car insurance itself is actually a service offered by the insurance policy for the car you own. This car insurance will provide protection for your car from various risks that may occur on the road, such as accidents, damage, natural disasters, riots and fire.  Car insurance offered by insurance services usually consists of 2 types, namely all risk car insurance and total loss only car insurance .

1. All Risk Car Insurance

If you look at the keywords, all risk car insurance can be interpreted as comprehensive all-risk insurance. That way, all risk car insurance will pay claims for all types of damage, from light to heavy. However, the costs you have to pay for this type of insurance tend to be more expensive compared to total loss only (TLO) car insurance.

2. Total Loss Only (TLO) Car Insurance

For the second type of insurance, it can be interpreted as insurance that will only replace total loss. In this case, total loss can be categorized as car damage that occurs above 75% or with the condition of losing the car due to theft, robbery, or robbery on the road. For TLO car insurance, the premium is lower when compared to all risk car insurance .

All Risk Car Insurance Claim Requirements

Before understanding how to claim all risk insurance, it is a good idea to study the procedures and requirements well. So that when you submit to the insurance policy, you should have prepared several requirements so that the insurance claim process runs smoothly. In general, here are some documents or files that you must prepare to make an all risk car insurance claim :

  • Original insurance policy and photocopy.
  • Evidence of a police report (for cases of loss and information on vehicles being severely damaged due to an accident).
  • Photocopy of Driving License (SIM) and Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK).
  • Written chronology of events.
  • Photos (if the vehicle has damage such as dents, scratches, etc.).
  • Car insurance claim form that you have filled out and signed.

In addition, all risk car insurance can also be claimed and cover risks experienced by third parties by preparing the following requirements:

  • Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP), Driving License (SIM), and Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) from a third party.
  • A statement stating that the third party does not have any other car insurance.
  • A letter of claim from a third party that has been signed and stamped.
  • A certificate from the police regarding the accident that occurred.

How to Claim All Risk Insurance

After you have completed and prepared the various requirements for making a claim, here are the steps and methods for claiming  all risk  insurance that you must do: 

  • Take photos of the damaged parts of your car if there is any damage.
  • Make a written chronology of events that occurred if the car damage was caused by an accident.
  • Come to a workshop that is registered as a partner of the insurance policy you have.
  • If you are out of town, you can contact your insurance agent to get recommendations for specific repair shops.
  • Fill out the all risk car insurance claim form provided at the workshop.
  • Sign the form and affix a stamp and attach other requirements.
  • The workshop will first confirm with the insurance company.
  • If the insurance claim application is approved, your car will be repaired immediately by the repair shop.

Then, in case you lose your car, here's how to claim all-risk insurance by following these steps:

  • Immediately report the case of losing your car to the police after the loss occurs.
  • You must make a written chronology of events related to the loss of your car.
  • Prepare and bring all the requirements to make an all-risk car insurance claim .
  • Submit your all risk car insurance claim .

Reasons Why Car Insurance Claims Are Rejected


1. Lapse Policy (Inactive)

This condition occurs when your car insurance premium has not been paid beyond the maximum time limit set by the insurance company. If this happens, your insurance claim will be rejected.

2. Pre-Existing Damage

The insurance company will refuse to submit a claim in the form of damage that already exists or has occurred to your car before registering for car insurance.

3. Violation of Traffic Rules

If you make an insurance claim due to a traffic violation, the insurance company will reject the claim.

4. The policy is still in the waiting period

The waiting period itself is a one month period calculated from the time the policy is issued. During that period, your claim will be rejected by the insurance company.

5. Intentional Damage

The insurance company will reject any type of car damage claim caused intentionally, such as crashing your car into another car or hitting your own car until it is damaged.

6. There are Additional Accessories that are Not Reported

If you install additional accessories to your car without reporting it to the insurance company, the insurance claim may later be rejected.

7. Incomplete Claim Documents

The insurance company may reject your claim application if the required files or documents are incomplete.

Tips for Filing a Car Insurance Claim

  • Immediately contact the insurance company if a loss or accident occurs.
  • Prepare and show complete evidence.
  • Explain the chronology of events, accidents or losses in detail and clearly.
  • Complete and submit all required document requirements.

So, how are you, Carsome friends? For those of you who want to claim insurance, make sure you do not skip the document processing stages above, okay! Listen and carefully examine the method for filing a car insurance claim properly. Hopefully it can be useful, okay!

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