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Sangka Pane Waterfall, Charming Waterfall behind the Aceh Tamiang Hills

Sangka Pane Waterfall, Charming Waterfall behind the Aceh Tamiang Hills

Sangka Pane Waterfall, Menawan Waterfall behind the Aceh Tamiang Hills
Sangka Pane Waterfall

Sangka Pane Waterfall is located in Pengidam Village, Bandar Pusaka District, Aceh Tamiang Regency, Aceh Province. To reach the location of this waterfall, tourists must at least travel a distance of about 50 kilometers or travel approximately one hour from Karang Baru, the capital of Aceh Tamiang.

Visitors are advised to use vehicles such as motorcycles to get to the location of this waterfall. Because if you bring a car, you can be sure that tourists will experience difficulties in going through narrow, uphill, winding roads, and filled with sharp turns. This is indeed not strange because the location of the Sangka Pane Waterfall is hidden behind the hillsides.

There are two paths that tourists can choose to go to the location of the waterfall, the first is by going through an emergency staircase on a rocky cliff made of simple wooden trunks. Unfortunately, the condition of the stairs is very alarming because many stairs are damaged so that it is dangerous for the safety of tourists.

If visitors choose to pass the second path, then tourists must rotate through the river with a further distance. Therefore many tourists who prefer to use the first lane than this lane. The journey to the Sangka Pane Waterfall is indeed tiring, but the struggle will soon be paid off with a truly captivating waterfall panorama.

⏩ Enchantment of Sangka Pane Waterfall

Sangka Pane Waterfall
Sangka Pane Waterfall
When tourists arrive at the location of the waterfall, a panoramic view of a natural waterfall will appear with the swift water falling on the rocks. The sound of water invites tourists to immediately jump in and take a refreshing shower of water from this mountain spring.

Sangka Pane Waterfall has several levels of waterfalls so that many people around who call this waterfall by the name of the Seven Level Waterfall. But some of the visitors said that this waterfall actually has 17 levels of waterfalls and even more. This also makes tourists more curious to visit tourist attractions in Aceh Tamiang.

While in the location of the waterfall, tourists can feel the atmosphere of nature that is still sustainable, and filled with lush green trees around it. The air at the location of the waterfall is also very cool, which makes tourists feel at home for a long time enjoying the masterpiece of the Almighty.

Sangka Pane Waterfall is also decorated with many rocks that can be found by tourists. Various stones with different shapes and sizes seem to complement the beauty of this waterfall. Not infrequently tourists use these rocks to rest, or just enjoy the swift water that soaks the entire body.

Visitors can freely play water or bathe in this waterfall. There is a cavity that is under the waterfall, this place is often used by tourists to feel the cold and fresh water coming from the mountains. But tourists are advised to remain vigilant, because the rocks around the waterfall are very slippery and there is a fairly deep pool.

The specialty of Sangka Pane Waterfall is that there are several levels of waterfalls with different characteristics and beauty. For tourists who have an adventurous spirit can look for the level by level of the waterfall and calculate their own number of levels of the waterfall that is in this tourist spot.

➨ Sangka Pane Waterfall Travel Tips
  1. Prepare physical condition first, before heading to this waterfall because the trip is quite draining energy.
  2. We recommend that you come to the waterfall with friends or people who know the location of this tourist spot.
  3. Bring supplies of food and drinks because it is very difficult to find stalls in tourist sites.
  4. Bring a change of clothes if you want to play water or swim in a waterfall.
  5. Be careful when in a waterfall, because the rocks are slippery.
  6. Do not be reckless visiting a waterfall when it rains, because the roads are muddy and slippery.
  7. Keep clean by not littering in waterfalls.
  8. Always maintain the sustainability of the waterfall and do not damage the natural surroundings.
  9. Pray before leaving for the Sangka Pane Waterfall to be given safety on the way.

➤ Enjoy the Beauty of Nature
Sangka Pane Waterfall
sangka pane waterfall
 If you are in Aceh Tamiang, then it never hurts to visit Sangka Pane Waterfall. This tourist spot offers natural beauty in the form of a waterfall with different levels. If you visit this waterfall, your eyes will be presented with the beauty of the waterfall complete with rocks, as well as the natural surroundings that are still natural and sustainable.

You can freely play water, swim, or enjoy the beauty of nature filled with shady trees that are pleasing to the eye. The location of the hidden waterfall makes this place very suitable for refreshing and relieving stress from the drab daily activities.

➨ Camping
Besides having an enchanting natural panorama, this place has a large enough area so that it is often used as a place for flirting. Not infrequently, tourists spend the weekend by setting up tents and spending the night near this exotic waterfall.

Around the waterfall there is a hollow rock cliff, this place is often used as tourists to stand beside and make a campfire. Surely it will be a special experience when spending the night with friends and closest people near a charming waterfall.

➨ Hunting Photos
As if it is an obligation when in a beautiful place, you must pose in front of the camera to take a selfie. You can hunt photos in this beautiful waterfall, there are some interesting objects that you can use as background for selfie like rocks, or the swift waterfall. Not infrequently many visitors who are willing to take a tiring trip just to take pictures in Sangka Pane Waterfall.

➨ Sangka Pane Waterfall Entrance Ticket Prices
To enter this waterfall area, tourists are not charged at all or free entry fees. Only need to pay a parking fee of Rp. 5,000 only.

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