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Enjoy the beauty of Lake Laut Tawar from the Peak of Pantan Terong in Takengon, Indonesia

Pantan Terong, Takengon-Indonesia -
Pantan Terong, Takengon-Indonesia

Pantan Terong is a hill located on the top of the hill of the Gayo Takengon Plateau, Bebesen District, Central Aceh Regency. This hill is located at an altitude of more than 1,350 meters above sea level.

From this place, in addition to the capital city of Takengon and Danau Laut Tawar as a whole, also the Bebangka Belang Horse Race Field in Pegasing District, the Rembele airport at Simpang Tiga Redelong, flanked and surrounded by beautiful mountain ridges.

Pantan Terong with an altitude of more than 1,350 meters above sea level keeps the natural charm like a 'paradise' on the back of a mountain range in Takengon. When going to this peak, it is advisable to use thick clothes, because the temperature is quite cold.

Pantan Terong, Takengon-Indonesia -
Pantan Terong, Takengon-Indonesia
From here tourists are spoiled by the beauty of nature in the form of green hills. Expanse of rice fields as far as the eye can see, lakes and coffee plantations residents with fresh air makes this location a perfect tourist attraction.

To get to the top you must first travel as far as 7 kilometers for 20 minutes from the center of the capital city of Takengon. Either using two or four-wheeled vehicles.

During the trip also presented many scenes that are no less exotic while at the top. Left and right there are coffee plantations residents. When harvest time comes, fragrant fragrant coffee smells along the way.

The winding road and climbs, bordered by cliffs, next to the cliff increasingly triggers adrenaline for visitors. Although there is no need to worry, the road is smooth and everything is paved.

Before reaching the top, there are four points that can be used as a place to take pictures. The location has been decorated, very suitable for those who like to take pictures, with the background of Lake Lot Tawar from the top of Pantan Terong.

pantan terong aceh indonesia
Pantan Terong, Takengon-Indonesia -
Arriving at the peak, immediately greeted by the manager. The parking attendant immediately arranged the parking order. For two-wheeled vehicles a parking fee of Rp 5,000 per motor is charged, while four-wheeled vehicles are Rp 10,000.

At the entrance gate to the top park of Pantan Terong, a ticket is collected per person for Rp. 5,000. However, the fees paid are not comparable to the expanse of nature unfolding before our eyes.

Your eyes are immediately directed towards Lake Lot Tawar. All visitors move closer to the guardrail. Visitors were immediately issued a camera or smartphone to capture the scenery set in Lake Laut Tawar from the summit.

On the right, visitors are hunted. Because there is writing Pantan Terong red and white. All visitors take photos at these locations, of course, still set in Lake Tawar Lake.

pantan terong Takengon Indonesia
Pantan Terong in Takengon, Indonesia
I was quite amazed when I arrived at the location. Previously unimaginable getting stunning views. Enough can refresh your mind when you are at the top of Pantan Terong. Come here for the first time. Amazed. A delicious sight, can't be expressed in words.

Most interestingly, the expanse of Lake Laut Tawar turned blue to look perfect. Similar to the tall city surrounding the highlands. Pantan Eggplant is divided into two, the top and bottom. At the top there is a cafe that serves arabica and robusta coffee.

In a day, the average visitor is around 300 people. If the weekend can reach 500 people.

Hopefully Helpful For Those Who Like To Enjoy The Beauty Of This Nature

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